Alauzet is a magical place created to provide a nurturing space for anyone who feels the need to reconnect with Nature and their own essence. To refresh the mind, energize the body, and ignite the spirit.

We have constructed the buildings on the terrain with our own hands, lots of love and eye for detail. The accommodations are constructed and decorated with natural materials and a bohemian style. Providing you with a unique, comfortable and romantic home away from home. A truly inspirational place to experience a transformational vision quest that you will remember forever.

Alauzet is a true hidden gem. We are located in the Aveyron, a rural department in the South of France. We are right on the lake of Castelnau de Mandailles, providing us with breath-taking views and plenty of opportunity for water activities. With just a few steps you can jump in the water for a refreshing swim or in a canoe for a scenic tour.

Being a nature reserve our area is raw, lush and green. It’s a true paradise for bird lovers. An amazing number of birds populates the area including; woodpeckers, owls, hoopoes, falcons, buzzards, eagles and even griffon vultures. There is also other wildlife that you can spot, when you are quiet and lucky, such as; bore, dear, squirrels, martens, weasels and snakes.

The Aveyron is a well-kept secret. It is one of the most sparsely populated regions of France, even in summer. It’s the forgotten land, a place where time stood still and the landscapes and villages have that romantic medieval allure.

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