Thank you for your payment!

I’m excited that you decided to come on the Vision Quest. It will be such a magical journey!

Your Quest starts the moment you decide to go. It’s a brave decision, a commitment to yourself and the universe that you will embark on this sacred journey. There is a lot of power in that! You will begin to feel a shift inside and life starts to conspire to prepare you for your Quest.

Sometimes old issues and personal blockages begin to surface. Emotions of fear, anxiety, doubts and worries might come up in order for you to release and heal. But you might also experience that opportunities and situations ‘magically’ appear to make your inward journey more gentle and enjoyable.

Please also send me a message with your registration details:

  • Name
  • Date of the Vision Quest you want to participate in
  • Room preference

I will soon send you the additional documents such as the Health Questionnaire, Liability Waiver and other documents so you can start your personal process.