Your Guide

Melissa is a therapist and process guide who works from a very authentic and grounded place.

She holds a Masters degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences, with an emphasis on Communication for Health and Social Change. She is a certified level 1 IFS therapist. IFS is an evidence based psychotherapy model.

Melissa has over a decade of experience working with different healing modalities and shamanic medicines such as the Temazcal, Kambo, the Vision Quest, Reconnective Healing and Intuitive Dance.

Within her programs she combines ancient indigenous wisdom, nutrition and psychology to create fertile ground for the kind of transformation you desire.

You can feel that she has a deep respect for her own and other peoples process. She has a very gentle quality, and strong presence. Helping you to feel safe and guided while getting out of your comfort zone. Knowing from experience that you can feel very vulnerable when stepping on unknown territory, she supports you in a loving and non-judgmental manner. Allowing you to release and unfold what is hidden deep inside at your own pace.

Melissa spends a lot of time in Latin America as she feels a strong connection to the people, the cultures and the spirituality that is strongly related to nature and the cosmos. She loves being in the Amazon jungle and cordilleras, learning from the teacher plants, spirits of nature and the indigenous elders from different tribes.

In Mexico she is initiated to work with the Temazcal. And in the Amazon jungle of Peru to work with Kambo. Having a lot of personal experience, and being extensively trained in different styles, she has a thorough understanding of how to hold space and guide you through a ceremony in a safe yet profound way.

Together with Jasper she is the creator of Alauzet. A beautiful retreat place designated to assist people in reconnecting with nature and their own essence.