What do you want from life?
 Or better, What does life want from you?
This was my precious place in nature, where I spent four days with only water.

Wow I can advise everybody to take some time to sit in nature.

It gave me so much peace, so much answers, so much insights just being there sitting, contemplating, meditating, singing, sleeping, being. Talking with the butterflies and the bees and the flowers and the trees. Watching the clouds passing by greeting the sunrise till sunset, losing track of time completely.

And yes I really had a date with myself and nature, stepping out of the rat race for a couple of days, out of my comfort zone, out of my daily routine.

Getting wet in the rain, sleeping without a mattress on the earth and strangely enough it felt so comfortable! I felt so amazingly happy and peaceful and good, the earth was so hard on my hips, but still I slept so sweet. I expected to suffer much more and maybe also being afraid in the dark, snakes and so, but nothing of all that.

Oh yes a bit dizzy if I wanted to stand up too fast, this due to the non-eating part.

Taking time to think about life, where I am now and how I want to live my life further. Taking time to ask questions, to myself, to the sun, to God to whatever you might wanna call it. The answers come so easily when you just have time to sit and ask and then be receptive, the wisdom, the knowledge the answers are there, ready for you, waiting in the universe!

What makes you heart really tick?
What do you want to do with your time and energy here on earth?
What do you want from life?
Or better
What does life wants from you?
What can I do?


I am creating more time for projects to help others.
I am saying goodbye bye to more than half of my clothes, shoes, belongings, stuff, I want to live more simple, with less and less stuff!
I will be more aware of how and with whom I spent my time and energy!
I am taking time to sit everyday for one hour at least somewhere outside, doing nothing, just being!
I am waking up even earlier, I learned to wake up is to live, to say yes to life!
Spreading joy and love through yoga through my classes and the retreats.
And to smile a lot!
And to cry a lot!
To be alive!
To say yes to life!
To experience total freedom!
To experience authentic connections!
To sing a lot!

Thanks Melissa and Jasper for organising this Vision Quest. what a precious gem and thanks sisters for feeling the connection even when we were sitting all by ourselves on the mountain, still knowing that we are together!