Are you longing to:

  • Establish a deep connection with your true and authentic self?
  • Reconnect with nature and to feel at home in the wild, to feel at home on this earth and within this body?
  • Know and live your soul mission?
  • Heal and release old fears, habits and core issues?
  • Find inner freedom?
  • Transform your relationships and the beliefs that form them?
  • Find autonomy and the knowing that you can always rely on yourself?
  • Find clarity and peace of mind?
  • Connect with the divine and to trust that you are being guided in life?

A Vision Quest is a deep healing journey that will bless you with all of that and more. Especially if you participate with a pure intention and the commitment to go through the process with love and courage.

This is a real heroes journey. It is definately not for the faint of heart! It’s a very powerful process wherein your commitment and dedication are required. Only if you have the honest desire to be your authentic self and to live in flow with life, and are willing to go through the process that it takes to get there.

But dont worry, you don’t need to be or do things perfect, this is not a competition! It is only asked that you do the best you can.

It is ok to have doubts or fears, I will guide you through it and will help you to find your inner strength to make the most out of this sacred journey!