The Vision Quest is a very powerful, intense yet gentle process. I participated because I was longing to connect to my deepest nature, through nature. I wanted to find Inner freedom and become more consciously a creator of the life I wish by bringing clarity and intention into it. I knew I wanted to go on a vision quest and from reading the proposal I felt a deep calling. I love it that I didn’t have a single doubt that it was a request from deep inside to be alone in nature.

The way Melissa connects with people during preparation time allowed me to unfold and to feel accompanied within the process. I could clean a lot of long lasting issues, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Melissa is guiding this retreat from such an authentic place, with gentleness and fierceness. I enjoyed the fact that she is generous in passing on everything that she knows and felt a lot of trust in her own process and spiritual journey.

The preparation and her warm welcome and light fullness made it very easy for me to go through the quest on the sacred mountain. Although it is an intense soul-searching time, confronting us with physical, mental and emotional conditions; the cold, the weather and fasting beyond the conditions I knew. Yet it was peaceful, joyful, a sense of the most natural thing to do. I knew it was the very right thing to do. I learned that I can trust myself deeply and trust fully in my own power, to have full responsibility for my process and my wishes, my dreams and directions in life. I know now that I am deeply loved and loving, that I can listen to what guides me and connect with it at any time (be it my guides, my inner self, the spirits or the angels).

I am very pleased to see how time takes on a new flavour…… somehow I’m finding so much time to keep my own inner process going, much more than ever before. I’m finding that so much more truth and authenticity is infusing my life!