A deep calling for peace of mind and quietness in nature, reflecting on my changing life is what called me to go on the vision quest. And also a curiousness of fasting within this context.

The quest was a huge confrontation with myself and how I live my life, in a gentle and loving way. While preparing I already started noticing some of my patterns, my habits around food and my relation to my body.

On the mountain I felt at peace and much more able to accept uncomfortable situations than before. It was much easier to deal with hunger, and being “stuck” in one place than I expected.

Even tough at first I wasn’t really looking forward to being in a group setting (because the quest felt strongly like a solo project when I signed up) I was surprisingly happy sharing with the group and doing the integration exercises when we got back. It is so nice to feel how everybody shares similar emotions and experiences.

The Temazcal ceremony felt really comforting. Being in the dark with all this positive energy and the loving and sweet guidance of Melissa made me feel very safe, welcome and ready! Within the entire process I felt really welcome, guided, and supported in a very sincere way.

The mountain is rough and savage, but made me feel comfortably at home. It has given me the peace of mind that I was looking for. I really reconnected with nature and gained confidence that I can rely on myself. Thank you so much for everything you did for us and how you put your heart and soul into it!