Why would you go in solitude into the wild nature?

The connection you have with nature and the cosmos mirrors the connection to your own soul, as the soul is the core of our human nature.

We humans and nature reflect each other and bear each other in our being. When we witness the fierce beauty and truth of the wild, we remember and reclaim our own.

When we spend time in nature, in solitude and with the intention to receive the wisdom and healing powers it provides, we will recognise the wholeness and perfection present. When we re-establish the reciprocal connection with the spirit world, we will hear and understand the many subtleties in the language of nature. The sun, the moon, the, earth, the rain, the wind and fire. The stones, moss, flowers, trees and animals are all whispering words of wisdom, reminding us that we are free, that we are wild. They are our biggest teachers and give us the greatest blessings, guiding us to live a deeply fulfilling life.


  • Establish a deep and authentic connection with your true self?
  • Reconnect with nature and to feel at home in the wild, to feel at home on this earth and within your body?
  • Find inner freedom? On a physical, mental and emotional level…
  • Know and live your souls mission?
  • Heal and release old fears, habits and core issues?
  • Transform your relationships and the beliefs that form them?
  • Be independent and know that you can always rely on yourself?
  • Find clarity and peace of mind?
  • Connect with the divine and to trust that you are being guided in life?
  • Upgrade your life on a physical, mental emotional and spiritual level?

A Vision Quest is a deep healing journey that can help you to achieve all of that and more.

Especially if you commit to the process with a pure intention and courage in your heart.


“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul”

When you wish to change something in your life, it helps to be aware of your attitudes and beliefs. When you expand your conciousness you will transform your inner world, which will ultimately reflect in your external reality. Retreating alone in nature provides a powerful opportunity to step back and reflect on your life, your patterns, beliefs and the relationships that form them. Doing this while fasting will help your mind to be more clear, your senses to be more alert, and your dreams to be more vivid. Adding an extra dimension to your process.

What is Your wild nature, Your essence, Your authentic self and true voice? What is your personal power when you are liberated from social and cultural conditioning, emotional trauma and false beliefs?

No one else but you can tell you this, you yourself will have to find out through experience!

That’s the power of the Vision Quest, there is no intermediary, it is a direct revelation. Allowing you to embody the gifts and wisdom you received and integrate them into your daily life.